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E-Safety Honesty Box Answers

Welcome to our E-Safety Honesty Box answer page. The Honesty box can be found on the ground floor. Please feel free to put you e-safety questions in the box. We will do our best to answer them here. 


February Questions and Answers 


Question 1 and 2  - Why was the Internet invented? Why is the Interent so important?

Answer - The internet came from an earlier system called ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network). The people who invented ARPANET want to make it easier for different computer systems to communicate with each other. This was the very early stages of the Internet.  Here is are  some quick videos on how the internet works. Click here.  and here


Question 3 - Why do people hack online?

Answer - Some people hack so they can use your account to steal your identity or send silly messages from it. To avoid this always use a really strong password and never share it. Use different passwords for different apps and social media accounts. Always log out of the computer or device you are using.  Click here for more advice. 


Question 4 - If someone is being mean to you online would you delete them?

Answer - Yes we would block or delete anyone who is being mean to us online. You can also tell an adult you trust and let them know how you are feeling about it. 


Question 5-  Why do we need the internet?

Answer - We don't actually need the internet but it is very useful. We can use it to find out information on every subject you can think of. We can also shop online, keep in contact with family and friends and play games. 


Question 6- How do you block inappropriate messages or pictures?

Answer - You can ask you parents to set up some parental controls on your internet.  We have put information on how to do this on the Parent's E-Safety Page. 


Question 7 - Why is the internet so mean. 

Answer - Most people that use the internet are very nice people. However just like in real life some people can be a bit unkind. You can block or delete them if someone is being mean to you. Don't forget to tell a grown up. 



Click here to find out how to stay safe online 5-7 year olds. 

Click here if you are 8-10 years old. 

If you use YouTube ask you parents to turn on the restricted mode to keep you safe. 

 Please remember to play games that are for your age group. 


If you need anymore help then please ask the E-Safety team or Miss Vine. You can also put any questions into the honesty box.