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In September 2014, a new curriculum was introduced which involved many changes to the way Maths is taught and the expectations for each year group.


The 'Mastery' curriculum, ensures the children have a deep understanding of the subject, where they can make links between the different areas of Maths.


There are three aims of the Primary Mathematics Curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. In all lessons, where children are required to think mathematically, pupils are encouraged to apply their knowledge to a range of different activities and are given the opportunity to reason and problem solve. Much of the new curriculum focuses on the children being able to reason about Maths and solve problems independently. It is no longer enough to just get the answer correct; the children need to be able to prove why and explain how and why.


In lessons, children are encouraged to use apparatus initially to develop a secure understanding before moving onto using just numbers and solving problems. 

The White Rose


As a school, we follow the White Rose scheme of work for our mathematics lessons. 


The White Rose Maths Hub provides term by term overviews for the new
National Curriculum with the aim of
supporting primary schools by providing more detailed
Schemes of Learning, which help teachers plan lessons
on a day to day basis.


Please see attached below and example of activities provided by the White Rose Maths Hub.

Please find our Calculations Policy below.


This is a working document so it will be reviewed and adjusted as necessary throughout the year.

Calculations Policy

The Maths Team


In our school, we have a maths team who work hard to make sure the maths curriculum is fantastic and engaging for our pupils. 


Mrs Benson

Mrs Walsh

Miss Pearce

Miss Westcott

Miss Gibson


Come and talk to us about maths - we love talking about it!