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2017 - 2018 School Council
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 Welcome To Our School Council


You have elected us as your School Council this year!


Year 2: Noa, Joshua and Luke

Year 3: Rio, Favour and Lilia 

Year 4: Lenna, Martyna and Jacob

Year 5: Rhyley, Maddison and Pedro

Year 6: Reece and Arturo

"We are really pleased to have been selected and we want to make you proud." - believe you can - together we will. 

The children meet within their classes to discuss and share ideas and key issues from around the school.  The School Council representatives record these discussions and bring them along to regular School Council meetings. We also take part in interviewing new staff, fundraising and we are part of Plymouth's Youth Council. 


We have held our first vote and we will be supporting St Luke's with the money raised from our up coming Festive Friday fun!


Keep an eye out for our fundraising ideas throughout the year. Our first event is going to be Children in Need :). 

Our aims are:
To always listen to our classmates.
To take your advice on board.
To always be helpful and approachable.
To make the school a happy place to learn.
To ensure we are kind and understanding of people's views.
To respect other people's feelings.

We hope to achieve our goals by:
Using circle time in class to gather ideas.
Listen to other people and their views.
To ask our teachers for advice.

To work with Prince Rock and Woodfield as part of our Learning Academies Trust.

Please come and see us for a chat if you want to!